Cheddar Farming with Pulse

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3 min readJan 10, 2022

We’ve recently added $Cheddar as a token that can be used as collateral for markets on Pulse that will be coming soon… In the mean time you can stake your $Pulse on Cheddar to earn!

How to Farm

About Cheddar

Cheddar is a loyalty network and yield farm on NEAR protocol. Cheddar creates loyalty for the NEAR ecosystem by rewarding loyal users. We achieve this by building utility through partnerships with NEAR dApps and protocols like Pulse.

Yield Farming

The Cheddar farm works similar to most yield farms. You stake a token you presently have in your wallet to farm Cheddar. The amount of Cheddar earned is based upon your percentage of stake in the pool and the rewards a specific pool has per day.

  1. Go to
  2. Login with NEAR Wallet or NarWallets and authorize Cheddar

3. Pick a pool that is “Open” like Pulse and “Activate” it and authorize the storage deposit.

Note: Each pool requires a storage deposit that is refunded after all staked tokens are withdrawn.

4. Stake your tokens by entering the amount or clicking max to stake and click “Stake

5. Once you have farmed Cheddar it can be harvested. Click “Harvest”, approve the transaction and it will show up in your NEAR Wallet.

6. Staked tokens can by unstaked by entering the amount in the input or clicking max and then clicking the “Unstake” button.

Cheddar Draw

Cheddar draw is a fun way to farm Cheddar. You buy milk with either NEAR or Cheddar and draw on the board to farm Cheddar. Every player gets two free milk to give it a try.

Buy Milk -> Draw -> Farm Cheddar

  1. Go to

2. Login with your NEAR Wallet and authorize Cheddar draw

3. Buy Milk with Cheddar or NEAR

4. Pick a color, hue, and transparency

5 . Draw pixels on the board

Tip: For smaller players it is best to scatter pixels throughout the board

Note: Other players can write over your pixels, so keep an eye on the board.



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