Aurora Airdrop Now Live For Pulse IDO Participants !

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2 min readMar 30, 2022
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The Pulse Markets DAO has just announced a $50,000 ETH airdrop on Aurora for $PULSE IDO participants.

Why Airdrop ?

As a thank you to the Pulse community for participating in our IDO and sticking with us through a short launch delay, the Pulse DAO has decided to airdrop $50,000 in ETH to users who participated in our October launch on NEARPad.

Who Can Claim ?

Users who participated in either the Whitelist Pool or Staking Pool during our NEARPad $PULSE launch quality for an airdrop.

If users are not sure if you participated, users can check if their wallet is on the airdrop whitelist by visiting and connecting their wallet.

How is the Airdrop Distributed ?

The airdrop contract holds 14.7 ETH, which will be evenly distributed across ~550 wallets who participated in the NEARPad launch.

How long do I have to claim ?

Whitelisted users have 1 year to claim their airdrop.

After 1 year, if any ETH is left in the contract it will be refunded back to the Pulse DAO.

More to come Post Airdrop

The Aurora Airdrop is just the first of many things the Pulse DAO has lined up for the community. Expect a lot of new ways to learn, earn, and participate in the Pulse Ecosystem in the NEAR future.

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